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Jean-Monnet University - Saint-Étienne /// Musicology / Arts fr gb

The Professional Masters of RIM & RAN are aimed at developing students’ applied knowledge and understanding of electronic and digital technologies for the creation and they prepare to the professions of "Producer in Computer Music (RIM - Réalisateur en Informatique Musicale) and in Digital Arts (RAN - Réalisateur en Arts Numériques). These producers are direct actors in musical and artistic productions, and they are at the interface between software developers, applied computer scientists, composers, artists ... and all people likely to integrate video, image and sound in their activities.


Who should attend:

  • students with a bachelor in Music or Arts,
  • students coming from others fields, with a bachelor and with a good practice in Music, or in Arts and with a practive with digital tools,
  • teachers, artists, professionnals in the fields of Computer Music or Digital Arts can access to the Master via a VAE.

How to apply:

Online application via the e-candidate platform.

Admission: Interview with a jury (experience, motivation and professional project).

The class size is limited to a maximum of 20 students.

Deadline for submission of applications: May 31.

Results : June 9.

Beginning of the cursus: first week of September.