May 18 – 21, 2017 / Jean MONNET University, Saint-Etienne – France


  1. OpenAV Ctrla: A Library for Tight Integration of Controllers / pdf / slides
    Van Haaren Harry
  2. Faust audio DSP language for JUCE pdf
    Albouy Adrien, Letz Stéphane
  3. A versatile workstation for the diffusion, mixing and post-production of spatial audio pdf
    Carpentier Thibaut
  4. Heterogeneous data orchestration - Interactive fantasia under SuperCollider pdf
    Clara Sébastien
  5. Towards dynamic and animated music notation using INScore pdf
    Fober Dominique, Orlarey Yann, Letz Stéphane
  6. Meet the Cat: Pd-L2Ork and its New Cross-Platform Version "Purr Data" / pdf / slides
    Bukvic Ivica, Graef Albert, Wilkes Jonathan
  7. Multi-user posture and gesture classification for "subject-in-the-loop" applications / pdf / slides
    Grimm Giso, Luberadzka Joanna, Hohmann Volker
  8. PlayGuru, a music tutor / pdf / slides
    Groenewegen Marc
  9. VoiceOfFaust / pdf / slides
    Bart Brouns
  10. Higher Order Ambisonics for SuperCollider pdf
    Grond Florian, Lecomte Pierre
  11. Open Signal Processing Software Platform for Hearing Aid Research (openMHA) pdf
    Herzke Tobias, Kayser Hendrik, Loshaj Frasher, Grimm Giso, Hohmann Volker
  12. On the Development of C++ Instruments / pdf / slides
    Lazzarini Victor
  13. Polyphony, sample-accurate control and MIDI support for FAUST DSP using combinable architecture files / pdf / slides
    Letz Stéphane, Orlarey Yann, Fober Dominique, Michon Romain
  14. STatic (LLVM) Object Analysis Tool: Stoat / pdf / slides
    McCurry Mark
  15. New Signal Processing Libraries for Faust pdf
    Michon Romain, Smith Julius, Orlarey Yan
  16. faust2api: a Comprehensive API Generator for Android and iOS pdf
    Michon Romain, Smith Julius, Letz Stéphane, Chafe Chris, Orlarey Yann
  17. AVE Absurdum pdf
    Ritsch Winfried
  18. Binaural Floss - “ Exploring Media, Immersion, Technology / pdf / slides
    Rumori Martin
  19. Teaching Sound Synthesis in C/C++ on the Raspberry PI / pdf / slides
    Von Coler Henrik, Runge David.
  20. VoiceOfFaust par Bart Brouns
  21. Fundamental Frequency Estimation for Non-Interactive Audio-Visual Simulations (poster) pdf
    Agnihotri Rahul, Michon Romain, O'brian Timothy
  22. Impulse-Response- and CAD-Model-Based Physical Modeling in Faust  (poster) pdf
    Grumiaux Pierre-Amaury, Michon Romain, Gallego Arias Emilio, Jouvelot Pierre
  23. Porting WDL-OL to LADSPA  (speed-geeking) pdf
    Girardot Jean-Jacques
  24. Rapid prototyping of LV2 (MIDI) event filters in Lua (workshop) slides
    Hanspeter Portner