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Thursday October 21 and Friday October 22, 2021

Where: Amphithéâtre de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord

20, avenue George Sand

93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis

Subway Station: Front Populaire, terminus of line 12

Bus: Front Populaire, lines : 139, 239, 512


The health pass will be mandatory for access to the conference


The conference is available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ltaz3hOudo8



To overcome the difficulties in re-performing contemporary musical works using technological devices  the ANTONY working group has decided to develop in 2021 the prototype of a versioned deposit system for the files representing the electronic parts of works and their documentation. The prototype will be tested on a few exemplary works, with the collaboration of a network of universities and cultural partners to establish the first documentary (musicological) uses of this database. The Collaborative Preservation of Music with Electronics Conference will take place at the end of this development and will share advances in the field with the community specializing in issues of preservation of music with electronics, and make progress on five issues:

1. Archiving issue: the work of many pioneers in the field requires long-term archiving in their original form (see for example the case of Jean-Claude Risset's archives)

2. Historico-cultural issue: the repertoire using these technologies is representative of an era and includes masterpieces that must be preserved for future generations.

3. Dissemination issue: the works, software and devices used could benefit the community of musicology researchers (as well as electronic music enthusiasts) but also musicians who program this music in their concerts. It emerges from our preliminary investigations that these works, mostly confined to the framework of the National Centers of Musical Creation, would benefit from being made accessible to a larger public and more performed in music schools.

4. Creation stake: by facilitating access to deep resources (samples, software libraries, sequences, effects, etc.) constituting digital works, composers will have the capacity, when licenses allow it, to access building blocks. reusable creatives.

5. Educational challenge: increasing the documentation of works promotes the transmission of knowledge related to modes of play, the use of technologies and the composition process.

6. Legal issue: recall the contours of copyright and propose a reflection on the establishment of virtuous uses facilitating the dissemination of works.

The conference will present the work of some international researchers and practitioners, testifying to various initiatives and researches who have agreed to compare their research and practices with the new ANTONY preservation and documentation prototype. Round tables are also planned with public cultural and heritage institutions concerned with the issues of dissemination and preservation of contemporary works.

Steering committee

The conference is sponsored by:
- the STMS UMR, Science and Technology for Music and Sound
- the Paris 8 University, Call for scientific events
- the research project ‘'Symbiotic musical organisations: a revision of the notion of research-creation concert using music computing’’ supported by the MSH Paris Nord in 2021, and driven by João Svidzinski.